Organic Weed Control for Your garden

by Beth Belloise 07/12/2019

Every gardener aims to stop unnecessary competition between their plants and unwanted weeds, and this can be done using different weed control methods. Everyday household items like salt, vinegar, and even newspaper can outright kill weeds without wasting time.

Many gardeners use many herbicides for weed control, but for the sake of this article, you will learn the various traditional or conventional method of weeding.


Mulching is a common practice when it comes to weed control. This weeding practice helps keep the soil cooler, wet and also, eliminate any chances of weed sprouting up in the garden. Not only does this method keep weeds away, but it also makes your garden organized and clean. 

Hot water

You might not know this, but hot water is beneficial when it comes to weed control. It works best, mainly on weeds that are newly sprouting up. First, boil some water, then add a tablespoon of salt, pour the mixture on and say bye bye to the unwanted plants in your garden.

A trowel

You can decide to go old fashion, by rolling up your sleeves and ready to weed that nuisance off with your tool. This practice is best after a rainfall. That way, the soil is not softer and comfortable to weed.

Use newspaper

It is one of the most overlooked measures when it comes to weed control, probably due to folks simply not knowing about it. Cover low growing weed like crabgrass or clover with newspaper. It will prevent the plant from getting sunlight, thereby leading to inevitable death. When the paper decomposes, it adds nutrients to the soil, giving you two benefits from one activity.


Vinegar is a common household item that can also serve as a weed control tool as a result of its plant killing properties. Vinegar contains 5 percent acetic acid, and as thus, you must repeat to eliminate weed properly. It's if to be careful when applying this because vinegar is not selective, which means it will kill all plants.

Using Your Hands

This weed control measure works well if the weed is newly sprouting up. In the absence of a spade or trowel, simply use your hands to pull those weeds out from your garden. However, make sure you use gloves to avoid any accidents.

There are many organic ways to control the weed. You discover what works best as a gardener and stick to it. A garden free from weeds glows, and the plants yield better in terms of production.

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