Lawn turf care & maintenance basics

by Beth Belloise 05/31/2024

Knowing the basics of lawn turf care is the key to maintaining healthy grass. With proper watering techniques, fertilizer usage, mowing habits and weed prevention, you can keep your lawn beautiful and thriving. To help you get started, here is a basic guide to lawn care:


Mowing isn’t only to maintain a pristine lawn aesthetic. It’s also vital for the health of the grass and ensures your lawn remains strong and beautiful all year long. While it might seem time-consuming, mowing the lawn more often during the growing season has many benefits.

The most important benefit is that it helps you avoid cutting too much of the grass length at once - instead, mow more often and avoid shocking the grass by shearing it too short.


Unlike mowing, watering is something you should do less frequently than you expect. Even during the hottest portions of the year, don’t exceed more than 2 inches of water per week. Adjust your watering schedule for the changing seasons and check the soil moisture to make sure your lawn is getting the hydration it needs.

Proper watering can also help prevent lawn diseases, insect pests, bare patches and other common lawn problems.

Weed control

A healthy lawn is the best natural defense against invasive, troublesome weeds. Unfortunately, some weeds are strong enough to require extra attention.

Research the types of weeds most common in your area and how they reproduce, such as by creeping or by spreading weed seeds. This will help you determine what type of weed control methods to use, from chemical weed killers to manual removal and everything in between.

Healthy turfgrass doesn’t have to be an impossible goal. With the right lawn care habits, you can maintain a beautiful yard and a healthy lawn on your own. And, when in doubt, you can always consult professional lawn care services for extra help.

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